Satisfaction Client

  • Automatic data collector for retail people counters SensMax TCPIP designed automate in-store people traffic statistics reading from wireless people counters and customer satisfaction survey system. The data collector has standard RJ45 port for direct connection to a network router or a switch and there is no need using any local PC for people traffic statistics collection and forwarding to HQ. Data reading and forwarding to the central database processed in automatic mode. SensMax TCPIP data collector has built in protection from any hangup caused by electricity faults that makes it very reliable for installation in network of retail stores. people-counter-sensor-data-collector-devices.jpg
  • SensMax Loyalty Button is an effective tool for customer satisfaction research. SensMax Loyalty Button is wireless and can be easily installed in any business related location as retail store, bank office or airport aisle. The button collects three types of feedback – negative, neutral, positive. Customer presses dedicated icon and information recorded into internal memory of customer feedback survey device. Statistical data from the customer satisfaction research button can be read by a data collector that transfers data to HQ. You can see customer satisfaction research results in ready to use reports in various time spans – per hour, day, week, month or year. SensMax Loyalty Button helps you to automate Net Promoter Score index research. customer-feedback-survey-system-locations.jpg