Sécurité et alarmes

  • Contient :
    • 1 capteur de détection de mouvements
    • 1 collecteur de signal d'alarme
    • 1 télécommande activation/désactivation des alarmes
  • Remote alarm system control key-chain SensMax SensGuard RC1 is a part of entire security alarm system. It is used for lock/unlock wireless alarm sensors. It is designed for convenient work with alarm system in common locations where it is needed to arm and disarm alarm sensors many times per day, like retail store, jewelry store or mobile telephones store. It is very easy to use the control key-chain. Just press the button and alarm will be disabled for a while for one wireless alarm sensor. wireless-security-alarm-system-components.jpg
  • Wireless security alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard WS is designed for wireless object protection from unauthorized movement. Wireless security alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard WS uses innovative optometric object protection technology that may replace outdated reed switch technology based sensors, because wireless installation is very easy and convenient. Small, standalone and elegant looking sensor can be installed towards any object – a window, a door, a painting, a table shelf, a safe door, a showcase window, a luxury jewelry and other objects. It is so easy to install that you may set alarm even to a pocket left on a table. Any unauthorized movement of protected object will cause sound alarm at alarm data collector, as well as buzzer can be added for louder sound signal. Wireless alarm sensors can be modified for connection to 3rd party alarm unit upon special request.
  • Security alarm collector SensMax SensGuard X1 designed to collect alarm signals from wireless alarm sensors. It can be installed towards staff or security work desk to inform them about unauthorized movements of controlled objects – goods showcase door, painting on a wall, entrance door, window or any other object. Clear audio signal and indication lights of alarm zone helps to respond to an emergency situation quickly. Security alarm collector has 10 control zones and support up to 20 sensors per each zone in radius of up to 150m. wireless-security-alarm-installation-options.jpg