Capteur sans-fil avec alarme SensMax SensGuard WS

Capteur sans-fil avec alarme SensMax SensGuard WS

Wireless security alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard WS is designed for wireless object protection from unauthorized movement. Wireless security alarm sensor SensMax SensGuard WS uses innovative optometric object protection technology that may replace outdated reed switch technology based sensors, because wireless installation is very easy and convenient. Small, standalone and elegant looking sensor can be installed towards any object – a window, a door, a painting, a table shelf, a safe door, a showcase window, a luxury jewelry and other objects. It is so easy to install that you may set alarm even to a pocket left on a table. Any unauthorized movement of protected object will cause sound alarm at alarm data collector, as well as buzzer can be added for louder sound signal. Wireless alarm sensors can be modified for connection to 3rd party alarm unit upon special request.

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SensMax SensGuard WS security alarm sensor may be used for:

wireless-security-alarm-retail-shop-showcase.pngShowcase window alarm for valuable goods or jewelry in retail shops

wireless-security-alarm-window-door-protection.pngWindow and door wireless alarm in premises

wireless-security-alarm-table-drawer.pngTable drawer alarm for home and office use

wireless-security-alarm-museum-art-gallery-painting-protection.pngPainting or any other art object wireless security alarm

How it works

SensMax SensGuard WS security alarm sensor is wireless built-in battery powered device with 5+ years lifetime. It has unique optometric movement detection algorithm that makes protection very reliable. Wireless alarm sensor control distance to the object is 2-3cm and installation is very easy. You need to stick sensor towards any object or door you need to control and that’s all.  Any movement of the protected object will pass alarm to the alarm data collector to the distance of up to 150m. The alarm data collector produces sound signal and lights alarm zone where violation happened. Alarm sound signal is 90dB loud.  Please note that wireless alarm sensor will stay silent all the time. Violation notification happens at the alarm data collector and the buzzer only. Wireless alarm sensor can be armed and disarmed using wireless key-chain button. SensMax SensGuard WS  security alarm sensor is protected from wrecking. It cannot be deceived with a strong magnet or flashing. As well as sensor uses AES-128 encrypted radio channel for connection to the SensGuard alarm data collector. It means that no one can capture or interfere the signal and interrupt alarm system work.