Collecteur de données SensMax GPRS pour compteurs de passage

Collecteur de données SensMax GPRS pour compteurs de passage

SensMax GPRS automatic data collector used to automate data reading from wireless retail store counters and customer satisfaction survey system buttons. It is used for footfall counting projects where there are no options to connect local area network or it is not allowed to use local area network for 3rd party devices, i.e. most of banks will not allow to connect their local area network. SensMax GPRS data collector reads data from wireless sensors and forwards it to a central database using mobile internet connection. The data collector operates within 2G mobile operator network using standard prepaid SIM card. SensMax GPRS data collector has  built in protection from any hangups, so it works very stable and can be used for installation in network of retail stores, bank offices, and any public premises. Please remember to refund SIM card and system will work perfectly.


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How it works

The data collector SensMax GPRS reads data from wireless customer counters using special radio channel. Statistical data saved into internal memory that is enough to store up to 250 days of hourly statistics from all served customer counters and loyalty buttons. Afterwards it will be forwarded to a central database installed at local servers or SensMax SensWeb cloud reporting service each 20 minutes. One regular data collector supports data reading from 10 unidirectional people counters or 5 bidirectional people counters, as well as 10 customer satisfaction survey loyalty buttons. Higher models of data collectors as GPRS LR and GPRS SLR supports up to 60 unidirectional people counters or 30 bidirectional people counters, as well as 30 customer satisfaction survey loyalty buttons


Current version of SensMax GPRS data collector supports 2G networks and 3G version will be available shortly. Internet traffic is very light and takes up to 150Kb from one sensor per one working day. The data collector supports all standard mobile operator frequencies and can be used for footfall traffic counting projects in any country.  There are three modifications of data collectors with different communication ranges. Please choose dedicated device type according premises size and the data collector installation location:

  • SensMax GPRS – regular communication range up to 30-40m,
  • SensMax GPRS LR – long range communication up to 150m in open space and up to 50m through walls,
  • SensMax Pro GPRS SLR – super long range communication up to 900m in open space and up to 150m through walls.

Technical info

SensMax GPRS automatic data collector
Devices supported  

  • SensMax Pro S1 retail people counter sensor
  • SensMax Pro D3 wireless bidirectional people counting sensor
  • SensMax Loyalty button for customer satisfaction survey


Communication ranges Regular up to 30-50m, Long range up to 150m, Super Long range up to 900m
Qty of serviced devices up to 60 people counting sensors, up to 30 loyalty buttons
Internal memory 250 days of hourly data
Supported GSM standards 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
Configuration port USB
Radio frequency 2.4Ghz, 868Mhz, 915Mhz for the USA
Power supply AC adapter 5V or POE
Dimensions 90x66x28mm
Frame АВS Plastic, black