Compteur de passage infrarouge SensMax SE

Compteur de passage infrarouge SensMax SE

Infrared people counter sensors SensMax SE designed for footfall counting in areas where options to connect Internet or a local area network is very limited, like temporary installation in rented premises without network, an outdoor park or an old castle museum with very thick walls. SensMax SE is wireless and can be installed at any indoor our outdoor location.


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How it works

Infrared people counter sensors SensMax SE create infrared barrier and each its crossing counts. People counter sensors SensMax SE are completely independent of any IT infrastructure in location. Statistical data stored in the internal memory of the infrared people counter, which is enough to store hourly attendance statistics over the past 250 days. You can read the data from footfall counter using mobile data collector SensMax SE/DE. Just aim the data collector to footfall sensor from distance of 1m and press « Read » button. All footfall counter statistics will be transferred to it. One data collector SensMax SE/DE can serve up to 150 pcs SensMax SE sensors. Afterwards all statistics from the data collector can be exported to any PC or Laptop for processing in SensMax EasyReport software.

people-counting-system-benefit-3.png Wireless setup – very easy wireless installation without any cabling works.

people-counting-system-benefit-5.png Internal memory – footfall counters keep 250 days of hourly statistics.

people-counting-system-benefit-4.pngLong battery life – infrared people counter operate on batteries for up to 2 years.

people-counting-system-benefit-2.pngAutonomous operation – footfall counters work without any connection to IT infrastructure.