Capteur de température sans-fil SensMax SensGuard MCP9800

Capteur de température sans-fil SensMax SensGuard MCP9800

Wireless temperature sensor SensMax SensGuard MCP9800 is designed for accurate temperature monitoring within range of –30°C to +55°C. It is wireless device for remote temperature monitoring around the sensor physical location. Temperature monitoring statistics shown in online reporting system within various reports and user getting alerts if temperature is out of defined range.


Remote temperature sensor SensMax SensGuard MCP9800 best fits for remote temperature monitoring in:
remote-temperature-monitoring-system-supermarket.pngSupermarkets wireless temperature monitoring in freezing and cooling equipment to detect failures and prevent food spoilage

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-warehouse.pngCommercial properties and warehouses remote temperature monitoring to avoid frozen pipes and frozen fire suppression systems

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-living-house.pngLiving house seasonal temperature monitoring to avoid frozen pipes or excessive heat

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-food-storage.pngFood storage warehouse centralized temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-hvac.pngHeating and ventilation system remote temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-museum.pngArt gallery and museum wireless temperature monitoring Greenhouse remote temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-data-center.pngData center and server room remote temperature monitoring

How it works

SensMax SensGuard MCP9800 remote temperature sensor collects temperature statistics each 5 minutes and stores it into internal memory. Temperature statistics from wireless temperature monitoring sensors automatically read by a data collector using radio channel. The data collector accumulates temperature statistics from many sensors and forwards it to a online database for processing in various reports. Remote temperature sensor SensGuard MCP9800 has built in battery with lifetime 5+ years, as well as it is waterproof. Temperature measurement accuracy is 0.5°C.  Wireless installation is fast and easy – just stick wireless temperature monitoring sensor to any surface and it will start measure temperature around. Each remote temperature sensor can be certified by accredited laboratory.