Capteur et sonde de température SensMax SensGuard PT100

Capteur et sonde de température SensMax SensGuard PT100

Temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100 is designed for temperature monitoring in extreme temperature range up to -200°C and heat monitor up to +250°C. It is wireless device with wired temperature probe for temperature monitor inside any specific equipment or environments keeping sensor outside. Temperature monitor statistics goes to online reporting system and shown in various reports. Users getting alerts if temperature goes out of defined range.


Temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100 is good for temperature monitoring:
remote-temperature-monitoring-system-warehouse.pngExtreme low temperatures and excessive heat monitoring in a manufacture

temperature-probe-monitoring-extreme-environment.pngExtreme environment temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-machinery.pngMachinery temperature monitoring

temperature-probe-monitoring-industrial-freezer.pngIndustrial freezer temperature monitoring to detect failures

temperature-probe-monitoring-heating-baking-food.pngHeating and baking equipment temperature monitoring in food industry

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-hvac.pngHVAC systems temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-laboratory.pngLaboratories temperature monitoring

How it works

Temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100 collects temperature statistics each 5 minutes and records it into internal memory. Temperature monitor stats from temperature probe sensors read by a data collector via wireless data transfer protocol. The data collector accumulate temperature stats from up to 200 sensors and forwards it to a online database via local area network or Internet for processing in online reporting application. You can set up temperature alerts and receive alarms each time temperature is out of range for particular time. Temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100 works from AA batteries up to 5 years. Temperature measurement accuracy is 0.3°C at 0°C. Each sensor can be certified by accredited laboratory.