Collecteur de données SensMax SensGuard TCP pour capteurs de température et humidité

Collecteur de données SensMax SensGuard TCP pour capteurs de température et humidité


Data collector SensMax SensGuard TCP is designed to read information from wireless temperature and humidity sensors. The data collector accumulate temperature and humidity statistics from sensors and forwards it to an online database where you can see various reports as well as set alarming options regarding allowed temperature and humidity parameters. Data reading from wireless temperature and humidity sensors is fully automated. SensMax SensGuard TCP data collector has built in hangup protection from any external electricity failure that makes it very reliable for installation in network of objects in ordinary and industrial environments.

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SensMax SensGuard TCP data collector usage areas:

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-supermarket.pngSupermarkets wireless temperature monitoring in freezing and cooling equipment to detect failures and prevent food spoilage

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-warehouse.pngCommercial properties and warehouses remote temperature monitoring to avoid frozen pipes and frozen fire suppression systems

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-living-house.pngLiving house seasonal temperature monitoring to avoid frozen pipes or excessive heat

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-food-storage.pngFood storage warehouse centralized temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-hvac.pngHeating and ventilation system remote temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-museum.pngArt gallery and museum wireless temperature monitoring Greenhouse remote temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-data-center.pngData center and server room remote temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-system-warehouse.pngExtreme low temperatures and excessive heat monitoring in a manufacture

temperature-probe-monitoring-extreme-environment.pngExtreme environment temperature monitoring

remote-temperature-monitoring-machinery.pngMachinery temperature monitoring

temperature-probe-monitoring-industrial-freezer.pngIndustrial freezer temperature monitoring to detect failures

temperature-probe-monitoring-heating-baking-food.pngHeating and baking equipment temperature monitoring in food industry

remote-temperature-monitoring-laboratory.pngLaboratories temperature monitoring

How it works

SensMax SensGuard TCP data collector has standard RJ45 port for connection to a local router. Communication distance to sensors is up to 150m. For complex premises you can order data repeaters to extend communication range up to 500m. All data from wireless temperature sensors read by encrypted radio channel and forwarded to online database using fixed IP address and port. SensMax SensGuard TCP data collector supports automatic data reading from up to 200 sensors. If there is a need to control more temperature and humidity sensors in area, you can install more data collectors. Each sensor can be paired with one data collector only, so you will have direct data without any risk to duplicate information flow. The data collector supports simultaneous data reading from different types of temperature and humidity sensors.


Technical info

Data collector SensMax SensGuard TCP
Devices supported  

  • SensMax SensGuard MCP9800 wireless temperature sensor
  • Temperature probe sensor SensMax SensGuard PT100
  • SensMax SensGuard HTU21 wireless temperature and humidity  sensor


Communication ranges up to 150m and up to 500m with signal repeaters
Data signal encryption AES128
Qty of serviced devices up to 200 wireless temperature and humidity sensors
Internal memory 250 days of hourly data
LAN connection RJ45
Configuration port USB
Power supply AC adapter 5V or POE
Dimensions 90x66x28mm
Frame АВS Plastic, black